In the past several years, some excellent experimental work has been performed and medical treatments with laser photo-therapy have passed through its infancy, leaving
controversy behind. In the past 40 years, leading scientists and medical doctors all over the world published over 4.000 clinical studies on the laser photo-therapy. The overall results stated, that low intensity laser radiation, acts directly on the molecular level of the organism, a process which is called biostimulation / biomodulation.

Biostimulation or biomodulation

This effect is mainly based on an improved ATP-synthesis (ATP = Adenosine-Tri-Phosphate). ATP is known as the power storage of our cells and it is built in the mitochondria - energy generating organelles in the cells. This energy is necessary for a proper functioning of each cell and its metabolism. If there is a lack of ATP, a reduced regeneration process takes place and wound healing disturbances can occur.

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- High power for superior effects

High Energy for the surface and deep laying tissue
Laser light travels up to a few centimeters deep into the skin. Scientific research has shown, that infrared laser light (IR) can still be detected after approx. 6 cm.

LaserCat500 includes one red and two in- frared laser diodes with high power.

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Example for power values which can be achieved in the subcutis:

  • red laser with 50 mW: 5% = 2,5 mW
  • IR Laser with 50 mW: 21% = 10,5 mW
  • IR laser with 400 mW: 21% = 84 mW
Total power in this example: 97 mW
That means: 5,8 Joule can be brought into the deeper tissue layer per minute.

If difficult indications shall be treated like adiposity, cellulite, old scars etc., the power will be sufficient to reach 2-4 J/cm² * within an effective time. For the above example you will have the average of the optimum dosage with 3 J/cm² available in the subcutis over an area with 50 cm² within 25 minutes.
* 2-4 J/cm² is the value, which is recommended from scientific research to obtain best results.

Compared to laser devices with lower power, a similar effect can only be obtained, when the treatment time is extremely extended.

Example for power values which can be achieved in the subcutis with a low power device, only red laser light:
red laser with 100 mW: 5% = 5 mW
Total power in this example: 5 mW available in the subcutis.
That means: 0,3 Joule/minute can be brought into the deeper tissue.
With this low power an area of 50 cm² would need a treatment time of approx 500 minutes to reach 3 J/cm² in the subcutis.
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