History has shown many trends in the cosmetic field. Some of them became accepted, others disappeared from the market. Whereas laser phototherapy is still an insider tip. The secret of this therapy has always been its long term effect. Based on the increased collagen production, which is stimulated by the soft laser light, the tissue of the skin is restructured:

Dark cycles disappear, fine lines are smoothened, the texture of the skin looks tight and feels like velvet.

New results

Using LaserCat500 in the beauty field will give you results, which has not been seen before with a laser photo-therapy device. The reason for that are the three high power laser diodes which are working in the red and in the infrared wavelength range. Only the high power and deep penetrating laser colors give a straight away effect which is required
by the clients. The effect can be seen direct after the treatment but even better approx. 30 minutes later. Problem zones can be treated even more concentrated. They can also be included as a ‚special effect‘ in a standard treatment.

Repeating the treatment 2 times per week as a cure treatment will achieve a long lasting effect which is only subjected to the biological metabolism. Depending on the precondition of the skin, the quantity of treatments will be fixed.


No artificial look

Actual beauty treatments include methods, which are not always very soft to the skin and bear risks.

The natural skin ageing is often accelerated by these methods, as a ‚forced rejuvenation‘ by deliberate injury e.g. with microdermabrasion, needle therapies etc, leads to a lower ability of cell division.

The laser photo-therapy in contrast, does not accelerate the cell division.
It helps the cell to regenerate by having suffient energy available to function in a correct way. Further the stimulation of the collagen production occures without damaging the skin.
The result: the skin looks fresher and younger in a natural way.

Especially clients who do not want to get injections with botulinum toxine or fillers will be happy with this type of treatment, as it has no side effects, no risks and no long terms disadvantages.


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