Laser devices from MedSolution are part of the latest laser generation. Powerful red and infrared laser light produce very impressing results.
Optimal power is strong enough for maximum efficiacy and short treatment times, but soft enough not to cause any tissue injuries.


LaserCat500 is a class 1 laser device. Therapists and clients benefit of a class 1 device as:

  • no protection goggle is required
  • no additional safety precautions are prescribed
  • no special education (laser safety representative or similar) necessary.
All devices are safe in operation and application. The treatment is done under direct skin contact, as long as there is no open wound. The specially designed handpiece and treatment tip have an ergonomic, handy design.

Wavelength combination

LaserCat500 emits laser light in the red and infrared wavelength area. Each wavelength can be adjusted individually in terms of power output.
The laser offers a mixture of continuous wave and pulsed laser diodes. While laser light in the visible red spectrum works best on the top layers of the tissue, infrared laser light can travel up to approx. 60 mm deep into the tissue. Nevertheless the silver bullet for many indications is the simultaneous combination of red and infrared laser light.

Technische Daten eng

Memory function

LaserCat500 has a memory function. The therapist can store up to 1.000 data records.


LaserCat500 is a preprogrammed devices. Different application fields can be selected and from them the therapist finds many preset treatment settings for various indications.


The LaserCat500 device comes with a useful, high-quality aluminum case. The treatment tips are stored in a shapely aluminum storage box. A detailed manual completes the set. Trolley with drawer and 3 racks optional.


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