SilkLite is recommended by experienced beauticians. With its gentle effect the biological light supports the functions of the skin and thus contributes to a healthy and fresh complexion.

With its mobile, handy design, the device can be used at any time and any place. The operation is very simple and also allows ‘inexperienced 'users an easy start of the treatment.

SilkLite Beauty Laser

Optimal follow up: you have done a permanent make-up or are undergoing plastic surgery? Here the use of SilkLite is an ideal to help against swellings, keloids or bruises. Also annoying blisters caused by herpes viruses can disrupt the cosmetic image - SilkLite helps both preventively and actively to smooth the bubbles quickly.

Even men appreciate it more and more, to improve their complexion with modern technology. For the treatment with SilkLite the man of today can operate with or without skin care products, as the laser won’t need them because of its revitalizing and regenerating effects.


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